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A Damp start to June

A swarm, not a fully fledged one, a mini swarm took place last week. So, multiplication of my bee’s took place. There are plenty of drones flying around, whether they decided to mate and where they end up is the most important thing. I will be forced to do an inspection next week to see what development has taken place in the brood chamber. Who knows, will there be any Queen cells? Only time will tell. A beekeeper has to react quickly to a swarm, usually after they have been called by someone who has spotted them. They the bee’s are valuable, but only if they are not infected. There has been a great deal of swarm activity up and down the country, due to the lockdown. If you have been fortunate to witness first hand a swarm in public, you are fortunate, they are a rare spectacle to see. If you had a skep, and bee keeping costume and a spare hive along with some guts and knowledge, you could have collected some bee’s for free. Remember a Queen costs any from £35 upwards. A queen, not HRM is valuable. HRM, lives in a different world to all of us. If you are a new bee keeper You need to be aware of 1) What are the two methods of swarm control? 2) Why would you want to control a swarm? Find out on the 27th June, if you are interested….

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