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Real freedom is a choice. A choice to make a decision. The Queen had a choice – to fly and be free forever, and take a risk, or to re-house. What choice did the the Queen actually make?

It was an even, each way bet.

I am happy, because my Queen got to experience freedom. Perhaps a beginners mistake, was made however it my mind it was a controlled experiment. You don’t make breakthroughs by hitting your head against a brick wall forever.

It will certainly be an interesting year, starting from scratch in April, to see what happens later in the year. Now, seemingly I am now dependant on others, and my supply chain, we are ALL interdependent, but perhaps people don’t see that, especially at multinational level, all they see is Scale. Small is Big, and more beautiful.

Perhaps my bet failed, because the Queen wanted freedom more than scoring another mating goal in Leicester. We shall see….

It truly was a Zen moment.

By the Way Folks - The above picture is a reality of one hive, orders placed with us result in a Bespoke, handbuilt customised hive that will look nothing like this!





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