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Building Hives

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Building the beehives legs

People say to me ,"£500 is expensive for a hive." Well, firstly they are guaranteed for five years and they take weeks to build. The hive also comes with a queen and colony of bee's, the frames ( on which bees' s build honey comb )

The are a super hive system which basically should allow your bee's to be maintenance free. They are built on site in a workshop by hand, using quality materials.

Yacht varnish is used to keep the wood in great condition.

There are 4 levels to the hive, so it is like a block of flats meaning your colony will expand and grow as the season develops. A season starts in April, and finishes in October, when the bee's hibernate.

There is much misunderstanding about having to feed the bee's during the winter. Our hives, will create enough honey. The bee's need 20 kg of honey to survive a winter. In our super hive system, there will be a store of 60kg at the end of a season, so you wont have to worry about feeding, nor swarming bee's, as there is plenty of room for your bee's to grow their colony. If the hive get's full, all you need do is call us up we will extract excess bee's for you.

Do you need to go on a course? No

The best way to learn is buy one our our hives and get stuck in, you can spend a lot of money on courses which would be better spent on a hive. Practical learning always beats a classroom, and courses can be expensive.

The key to a thriving hive is a good, young quality queen, which we provide with your hive.





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