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Colony expansion

Updated: May 31, 2020

There have been swarms of bee's in the Sainsbury's on Melton Road Leicester recently, if only someone had given me a call. You can't bee FREE bee's.

They swarm because they are breeding and may have been mismanged. Swarms only usually occur in April and May, but we can blame the government for this one, as I guess the lock down has affected peoples abilities to manage their bee's.

As well as bee's swarming activity it seems people's behaviour in supermarkets has changed as well, they are generally afraid of catching COVID. This is actually an irrational fear unless you have a compromised immue system as you have more chance statistically of getting and dying from cancer, but no one mentions that.

Next Thursday I take delivery of a new colony, which I am excited about and really looking forward to. They will be productive, looked after and managed responsibly.

I will be delivering only 3 courses this year, so please click on the link, prepay and book your place before its too late, there are limited spaces. During these COVID times, precautions will be taken, and I will be wearing a face shield. All resources will be sanitized and we will practise social distancing as much as is practical. I hope you are not to scared to attend, its time to start adding some normality to life again.

Many beekeepers activities have stalled, but the commercial operations of some are going very well. This is what a professionanal apiary looks like, for those who have never seen one.

Most beekeepers will have between one and twelve hives , upwards of this, you are counting hundreds, and at this point you have a full fledged commercial operation, supplying the market with tons of honey.





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