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Friend or Foe?

Bee’s are your friend , not your foe. Without bee’s , we would have no flowers, nor food. Simple fact. In New York this week, they hovered up thousands of these small productive insects. I hope they did not dispose of them, as they are valuable to all of us. Many do not see it that way, they are scared by a bee, or a swarm, this is a needless reaction. If you buy one of our hives, it is mandatory to do a course, as you will be responsible for the lives of these creatures, on whom we depend. The introductory course is £60, and you will learn how to look after this great species.

In two hours you will learn the basics, in four hours, you will be able to tend bee’s. The truth is that this a practical, loving activity, to help our one and only planet. For a course to run there needs to be four people. Bee Therapy also works , and ....... you can meet the Queen, perhaps she is more important than Elizabeth.....who knows!

Bee's are definately our friends!

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