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Healthy Colonies

Keep it simple folks and keep learning......

A healthy bee colony may not want to leave its home territory. Its society is established, its learning done, its Queen in her glory nursing her hierachy of workers.

Seasonal Temperatures affect Bee Activity on a daily basis.

We are well into August now and it is very changeable for bee's.

What does this mean to you?

It means your bee colonies may struggle.




Pesticide Use

Cyclical unpredictable weather cycles

Less to Forage

These are simple things we cannot now control, yet they actually affect everyone’s lives, there are real knock on effects to our food chain, which we may or may not notice.

As a bee keeper are you are trying to help our environment.

You should be aware of how many bee hive combinations are possible. There is no right and wrong, only a survival of a healthy strong colony.

That often depends not on you, but your community of bee's, your management skills and what other people are doing around you.

I'm signing off now until the 15th August

See you then, if you are lucky enough to get one of the training spots….. Remember folks there are only 6 places.

There will be some advanced training given in one of the sessions on that day.

Even 'experts' lose bee's - ask some of them. To lose 21,000 bee's is a tragedy. So they are sent to a laboratory and you spend money for the autopsy. Even if you are responsible bee keeper errors may occur diseases may hit you and other peoples ignorant actions may affect you and your colony.

You could choose advanced study up to degree or Masters ( MSc) level if you are scientifically minded and want to learn even more. This is animal husbandry, I suggest you have a minimum of 12 hours practical experience before your try and establish your own colony, so you can competently carefully and confidently look after your colony. Remember , folks,all bee’s all have different personalities, spend time with them, you’ll see it for real.

Bee Good



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