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Bee's and Lawns

We’ve had fake News, we now we have fake lawns.

Artificial lawns like this one , smell, burn, need hosing down, they are expensive and bad for the environment.

Seriously…bad, and the average cost of an artificial lawn is high.

You will not find any wildlife, nor bee’s no pollination, the soil beneath the layer will become stagnated and become contaminated over time.

Artificial grass last’s only, 10 – 15 years, the life of an average dog. What’s more, its made of plastic.

Have you asked yourself ; What will happen to your artificial expensive lawn in 15 years time?

You will probably have to pay to have it removed.

Real grass is the toughest plant on the earth. If you want to encourage bee's into your garden, do not cut the grass. In fact, its better to leave the lawn, 50% of it to go wild. Butterflies and bee's will flock to your garden.

Of course if you have a small lawn, in a large garden cut the grass, but your garden should be balanced. Please contact me for more information by email

It may go brown in summer in the heat, but it is resistant, and will always return to autumn green. Climate change is real, despite what some world leaders say.

A bee hive is far better and more entertaining investment than any plastic lawn!

BEE NICE to our world!





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