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Beginner Bee Hives

Updated: May 21, 2020

It takes weeks to build a custom hive. Each one is individually commissioned. This one is insulated and has been built over a period of 4 weeks. over a week to put a hive together. The price of hardwood is expensive and it depleats our already seriously de-forested planet.

The hives are based on a langstroth design, but are insulated and double walled, so a hardwood is not necessary. This takes a lot longer to build than a single walled unit.

The bee's live in frames, usually ten in a brood chamber, you will learn all about this is if you attend one of my courses.

A brood chamber usually comprises of 10 frames, on which the bee's build their honey comb. The Queen lives in the brood chamber and produces workers.

Ten frames can cost around £50, and there is a delivery charge involved by those who supply them.

My frames are treated with preserver, and the bases with yacht varnish, so they will withstand the weather for years, at least five, that is what they are guaranteed for. My hives are perfect for starters, and the bee's, if you dont disturb them ought to survive a winter.

They are low maintenance. Contact me and I will explain how and why.

My production this season is low, because it has been a poor winetr. An industrial bee keeper will produce 40 Ton. Yes, FOUR ZERO tons, that is a hell of a lot of honey. This winter due to the damp ( bee's hate damp ) production fell.

Late in the season I will be selling two types of honey. Oil seed Rape and my own speciality. The honey depends upon the foraging the bee's embark upon on their busy journeys keeping all the local flowers in bloom.

If you are lucky enough to meet me on the street on my bicycle you can sample the delights of the freshest , local leicestershire honey you will have ever tasted. I'm on a replacement bicycle, as my last one was stolen.

There are thieves anywhere, and some hotspots in Leicester are crime ridden. Covert Lane, Scraptoft is a place I would warn decent law abiding folk to steer clear of.

Ten hives can produce 30 litres of pure unprocessed honey in a 3 months, if you are lucky. The bee's are harder working than most humans!

Good luck and thanks for reading this. Please pass it on and share the info.







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