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The Honest Bee man

That's me !

But, bee ware!

There are con men lurking out there. I met a guy, who offered me bee’s. Now there are ethical people ( how you define this I will let you decide, perhaps only a few of us ) and some people who are prepared to do anything for money. This will include fraud, theft you name it. This can include bee theft, vandalism, selling stolen bee's . etc ( yes people do! ) Apparently some bee keepers even steal bee's from one another! Would you adam and eve it?

I am often asked “Where did you get your bee’s from?”

Well, the truth is that there are many bee sellers, and I have accidentally stumbled across a few of them. How will you know if your bee's are legitimate - well if you buy them from me I only sell healthy bee's and supply 4 frames plus a Queen, in early season. That is in May. Buying bee's at anyother time is risky.

The reality is that in a City keeping bee’s is hard. Know why?

Well may I trust you to mail me the answer….

I could tweet, but I'll leave that to a man called Trump and the birds around the Whitehouse!

This afternoon at 3.45pm a colony was saved. It will take a month for the brood to expand. There wont be any production from this investment.

So in order to survive I would have to produce 20 jars of honey and sell them to make my investment back. By the end of August I somehow doubt I will be making any money….

Its not all about the money, is it? Meet me and I’ll tell you why….

BEE ETHICAL – that means, do not lie, do not cheat, do not con, and nor after many years of self investment should you work for minimum wage, not when every day we are lied to on TV and by our government…..


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