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To my customers, Thanks for your patience.


Thankyou very much for ordering bee’s from me. I hope you find them as placid, productive and resilient as I have found them to bee. They have been breed from fantastic Buck fast Queens that herald from Gloucestershire.

On the 16th March it was 15 degrees centigrade so I decided to undertake my first inspections of the year. The Queens are laying eggs, but they are no where near the peak of brood production yet. This peaks in June.

I was hoping to get bee’s out to my customers for the first of May ,I cannot control nature unfortunately, nor the weather, but I am pretty sure than my colonies will definitely be sent out to you as early as I possibly can manage.

If you have paid for your bee’s do not be concerned if they don’t arrive on the first of May, please be patient. They will be on their way to you as soon as possible, at the point when I can split colonies, without destroying the brood.

The first inspections have been done very early at the apiary, but yet again the weather this year has been similar to last year. Warm, then followed by a cold snap. Rightly or wrongly the first hive split of the season was done on the 25th March. This is very early and I will update you as to the level of its success.

Hopefully Bee orders will start to be posted out on the week beginning the 25th April in three weeks time.

Watch this space….

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