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I am now selling limited supplies of Spring and Summer bee's this summer.  All winter orders have now been fulfilled. A big thank you to our customers!

This years bees are £269, prices have been held since last year

All livestock (Bees) are delivered in good faith. 

Your bees ought to arrive in perfect condition, the day after delivery.


  1. Call me on 0756 1311026

  2. Discuss your requirements

  3. Pay for an order via BACS

  4. Recieve a phone call from me the day of dispatch

  5. You will recieve a follow up/support call 

Our over wintered bee's for 2023/24 are only £269 including next day postage and a NUC . We are taking orders now.


The bees will be delivered to you home in a small NUC and have been breed to be ideal for begineers. Genetically they are good natured and calm and are specially for people who have never kept bee's before.  They include last years queen and five frames of brood. This is approximately between 6 and 8,000 bee's and a mix of bee brood larvae and bee's in all stages of development .

All orders must be prepaid.

After you have contacted me and sent me your address and telephone number you can make a bank payment to

account sort code 070246  account number 43687851

You will then be contacted by telephone with the expected delivery date ( which may change depending on conditions)

We no longer accept cheques.

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  1. Bee's pollinate all our food - they help the environment

  2. A bee hive is a great garden feature

  3. A hive is a great conversation piece with friends and family

  4. You are doing your bit to help our fragile world

  5. Bee's are very therapeutic


  7. It is a fantastic, enjoyable interesting hobby

Call 0756 1311026 to place a prepaid guaranteed order for Summer bee's this year or for over wintered bees for delivery in May 2024.

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