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August Update

Its been a strange summer of heat waves and unpredictable weather. Desite this , my Queens have passed the peak of bee production in June and I have nine full , healthy brood boxes and they are producing lots of lovely honey.

I have extra bee's that I would like to sell, so if you'd like a boxed set of frames and bee's you can buy them from me for £230.

Last month I had a swarm, a hive replicated a queen and she left with half of one of my broods whilst I didnt notice and was away from my apiary. The neighbours were informed of the swarm but no one got in touch with me having spotted them for a collection, so I have no idea where they ended up. Not in one of my hives, thats for sure. Such is nature!

Radio 2 have had a series of bee programmes educating people about bee's but what bee's need is more flowers , plants and foliage. There are already an abundance of honey bees in the UK now, and London has twice as many beekeepers as it did a decade ago.

Beekeeping has become fashionable and latest must do past time. Remeber there are over 270 species of bees; amd we need more of the other species in the UK, not more honey bees right now!

From my picture you can see my honey flow has been good my bee's are now filling up supers with honey. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and I hope to meet you soon, in my apiary or on one of my courses.

Have fun!

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