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Happy New Year & Winter Update

A Happy New year to you all . It's been a successful 2022 and I'm looking forward to supplying more customers with some wonderful bees this year at £249 for 5 frames of quality brood and pupa.

The bee's have been overwintered, fed and insulated. I've stopped giving out advice in 2023, unless its in person. There are many sources of good information you can gain if you are savvy.

I dont know what to expect in 2023, as ever bee keeping year is totally different.

This year will be attempting Queen breeding to replace all my existing queens. The hardest part to breeding is ensuring she gets a good mating flight in and returns, especially if you use the miller technique and end up with many queens.

They say it will be a mild 2023, not sure how that will help my bees. I have found another site for them so having reached capacity at my apiary I'm looking forward to moving some hives and see how they manage .

I'm training a new beekeeper at this new location.

Will keep you updated.

Please contact me if you want to order bees. I accept cheques and pre-ordered are best. Can send them anywhere in the UK. You'll get a quality queen from last year and a fantastic brood.

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