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Hive inspection

The weather this week has been awful, so the bee's have not had a chance to collect any pollen. Today was a lovely sunny day, so I undertook an inspection of my hives, including a bit of a clean, the detritus on the base of a hive is best removed to minimise the chance of any colony infection.

After taking a look inside y hives I decided to wait until September until I extract honey. There are new lavea hatching, so I don't want to disturb them, there was also the beginnings to a queen cell, but when I split my colony it disturbed this process. The hives are best left untouched for weeks.

For three lucky people in the future, they will get a chance to extract honey from one Frame- a real chance to see bee's close up and experience what it is like to be a bee keeper.

There is nothing more soothing than a bee buzzing in you ear like one did this morning!

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