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Updated: Mar 19, 2023


Residential Price ( limited space including full English Breakfast) £240

Non Residential Price £ 199 including BBQ

The courses start at 10am and finish between 4 and 5pm

Please note that the training days are weather dependent and the structure of the day may change due to rain.

Each person will have the opportunity to undertake two full inspection and bee manipulations.

Saturday June 3rd

Theory – Biology of Bees

Parts of the Bee Hive

Practical -Making a Frame

Practical session :Finding the Queen Bee

Summary and Evening BBQ

Sunday June 4th

Theory on diseases and bee health

Conducting a Hive Inspection

Practical Practising Hive Inspection

Theory : The Bee Year Calendar

Demonstration : The Honey Extraction process

Summary of the past two days and knowledge test

There is the opportunity to buy a Hive and take bees home with you at the end

The aim of this course is to give you as much hands on practical experience that is possible over a two day session.

The objective is that you go away feeling an lot more confident in your ability to handle bee’s and at the end of the weekend may well have become a beekeeper. There is real opportunity for this to happen as hives and bees are for sale on Sunday

There may be some repetition, but this is necessary for you to be able to gain the skills and confidence to handle bee’s on your own.

To reserve your place, please email me.

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