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Tips on Buying Bee’s

As you are aware Ethical Bee Co will be selling over wintered bee’s with new good queens this year. The process is simple you call up to order bee’s, offer your details, address, telephone number and arrange bank transfer of funds by taking our bank details. We take the order and then in eight to ten weeks time or when the winterized bees are ready they will be posted and delivered to your door ready for you to house them yourself. They will arrive with instructions, in case you have never rehoused new bee’s before.

Prior to owning bee’s we recommend that you have some experience of beekeeping. It usually takes at least 28 hours to become a competent beekeeper. If you have attended one of my courses that I offer during the summertime , you will learn the basics, the skills you need to look after bees. After this a lifetime of mastery and learning follows. The beginning of your journey of keeping bees can begin now by calling us on 0756 1311026.

You really should have had some experience of bee keeping prior to buying bees

You have completed a course and demonstrated the ability to handle, inspect and monitor beehives.

You should also:

Own a bee suit, have a smoker, hive tool and perhaps a feeding system and hive tool.

Have a mentor or contact, me for instance and completed my training courses.

It might have been useful for you to research the different types of hive available and decided and chosen a hive that suits you. You could have assembled or bought a second hand or ready built hive, perhaps even bought a bee spoke hive made by us, the Ethical Bee Company.

You should have a suitable site on which you are housing your bee hive/s.

Our bees are disease free, supplied with a new queen and 5 frame of full brood with egg laiden and drawn comb, ready for this successful colony to growth thrive and survive.

The package we supply are vented travel box , containing 5 full frames of brood, new Queen and 10,000 – 12,000 bees. These are supplied in fresh uninfected comb.

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