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Bee keeping Course

A review of the crash course in Bee keeping

Trainee Bee Keepers

Last Saturday the 14th September, the weather was perfect for bee keeping and delivering a course outside. It was sunny and calm. Three attendee's Debbie, Saeideh and Alex came to complete a crash course in Bee keeping at the Leicester Bee Company.

Donned up in veils and gloves, they learned about hive management, bee identification, how to use as smoker, key terminology, Hive inspection and the intricacies of bee life. All of them enjoyed the course and it was a great success.

They said

"Very Informative"

"Would recommend the course to others"

" Very Educational and eye opening"

The bee's are currently being prepared for winter hibernation, the next course will be in March. So, keep an eye out for it.

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