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If you have been following the progress of the Ethical Bee company you will know that we have gone from strength to strength since the apiary was opened. Last summer we had 14 hives, yet sadly we lost three to disease infestation towards the end of the summer, which can easily happen.

The bee’s were all fed with winter fondant based food supplies to ensure their survival before Christmas as we all enjoyed our festivities, as well as wrapped up for winter with polystyrene and a wrap. Some hives were stuffed with blankets under their lids to keep the mean temperature up.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the existing hives over the last few weeks and will continue to do so throughout the forthcoming winter. Despite the colonies reducing in numbers during the winter, they are all healthy. In seven weeks times I am hoping the temperature in Spring will reach a healthy 17 degrees daily average at which point I can split five of my largest and healthiest hives into two. This will create another five hives.

This spring the new hives will be placed in three separate locations across the county, and their progress will be monitored in 2022.

In a few weeks all the extra hives that have been serviced and prepared for this coming season can be stationed and the season can get underway. The Queen can rebuild her colonies by laying new eggs and the split hives can generate new Queens.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and taking orders of bee’s for new hives, weakened colonies or expansion, should you be a new beekeeper. Our training programme will begin again in May where a few more new bee keepers can improve and/or learn new skills or new bee keepers can learn the skills of the fascinating hobby of bee keeping.

ORDER YOU BEE'S TODAY, currently we have a limited supply of new bees and great Queens.

2022 is an exciting year because we will be selling boxes of bee’s and we are taking orders for the limited supplies of bee’s including a fresh queen and 5 healthy frames for a limited period only of £239 including delivery and sighting at your home.

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