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Paradoxes and Epigenetics


“Paradox of our age, totally.” A quote from the Dali Lama, a wise old man, but he doesn’t keep bees ! The paradox is that we are richer than we ever have been materially, but personally are people internally healthy both mentally and spiritually?

What this got to do with bee’s you may ask? Well, Bee Therapy actually works. It can bring you out of yourself, and take your mind away from the unhealthy though patterns you mentally may have.

As for epigenetics.......

Epigenetics shows how behaviours and environments can change the way genes work. The changes can be reversible and don’t alter DNA , but they can change how the body reads the sequence of DNA.

Our genetic code is not fixed by our parents alone, its affected by the environment – parts of our genetic code may be switched on and off, due to nucleotides ( organic molecules in our body)

The difference between a queen and worker does not simply lie in the genes, but how she is fed. These changes are ‘epigenetic’.

If you have heard of Royal jelly, this is what the Queen bee is fed by her entourage of workers to develop into a queen from a cell. The Queen rules the roost in the hive, and she determines all the behaviours of her entourage, due to her genetic make up.

All queens have different characteristics, some calm, some more aggressive. I only sell calm colonies and great Queen to my customers.

As for the paradox, we live in a world of plenty, yet people appear to be so unhappy! We have big TV’s Bigger cars, Even bigger houses, yet spiritually we become empty as capitalism drains us of our soul!

Should I be sharing that thought?

Make the world a better place

Start Beekeeping and help our fragile world…………





Beespace  – the ideal gap in beehives and between bee frames ( 6- 8mm gap – Bee’s fill gaps with wax comb)

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