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After many years of beekeeping and the challenges and struggles that I’ve faced, I’m scaling down my operations. At my height I had ONE MILLION bee’s. You can do the maths as to how many hives that is, if a Brood chamber has approximately 30,000 at the height of a season, or in a long established healthy hive.

How middle class is bee keeping?

Basically, it is fairly middle class, because most people started it on a wim, during lockdown. All bee keepers have different regimes, but the truth is you need to bee an intelligent, responsible person to keep bee’s and having studied Biology or Environmental Science would always be a bonus for you in this hobby.

How difficult is beekeeping?

That depends on how practical a person you are, and how patient and interested you are in the natural world. Bee’s are livestock, so I joke about keeping thousands of tiny cows, that instead of producing milk, produce that wonderfully healthy substance, honey.

Well, it takes a lifetime to master……


You learn a lot, make friends, make mistakes, recognise how fragile bee’s are and recognise the importance of the environment

What’s different about me?

‘Why don’t you have a go at beekeeping?’ a friend once said, and from there, after knowing nothing at all, I simply went out and bought some bee’s. No one really helped me much, I had some advice from the BBKA, but I never had a proper[U1]  mentor.

Why should I buy bee’s from Peter Klauza?

Because I’ve been breeding bee’s for a number of years and they are disease free, and adapted to the UK climate. My bee’s are a mixture of genes, from the black bee and various calm colonies raised from Buckfast Queens. They are cared for and overwintered and I believe have good survival genes and are adapted to the UK’s wet climate. Due to the Male mating and congregation area specifically around my local apiary.


Because it’s a great hobby and you are doing something positive in the world and help pollinate our plants. You are giving something back to our fragile world and it can be so much fun.

It’s therapeutic, enjoyable, you get free honey and wax, and it’s so, so interesting and allows you to go down your local pub and bee an interesting person. (Especially once you start sharing your knowledge with others that you’ve gained over the years )

So, Bee brave have a go and get in Touch.

Or if you need bee's this season , get in touch.




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