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Processing Honey

Filtering the honey

My honey comes with a story. Firstly it is from Leicester. I am the only bee keeper I know in the city.

After it is extracted from the hives, it is spun in a spinner to separate the wax from the honey.

It then has to be filtered many times to remove any small wax particles. My honey is filtered four times.

This is labourous process and takes time as the honey pours through sieves and gravity takes its slow effect.

Then transferred into a bucket with a tap, where it is siphoned off into 454 g jars.

Above is the process, starting with the bee's and ending with the end product in jars. Very Tasty, hope you buy some.....

Thanks for reading this, perhaps you have learned more about how honey is harvested.

It hasn't been through a factory process, driven miles and ended up on a supermarket shelf. If has come fresh from a Leicester garden to you.

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