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Reflections on last Saturday's bee keeping course

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Saturday 27th June proved to be a highly successful training day. Everyone enjoyed themselves, which is what bee keeping is all about. A bee convention took place with a lot of knowledge being shared by several new bee keepers. It was a great opportunity for people interested in bee keeping to learn lots.

The days training session was broken up due to poor weather conditions, pouring rain for much of the day actually. At midday the rain temporarily stopped and the course attendees got stuck in doing a group ( all of them together ) the hive inspection's and case studies. There were 4 hives to inspect. One of them was thriving and when we looked inside 11 frames were complete with comb. After some deliberation it was decided to split the hive.

One of the course attendee’s lead the inspection process, the others took notes and learned through observation, aided by Pete another bee expert ( Yes -another one ! – who was a fantastic contributor to the course all day)

I hope my course participants learned a lot, including the proper and careful use of a hive tool, how to remove frames carefully without damaging bee’s, and how to split a hive, before returning the frames back to the original hive.

One of my course attendees enjoyed the day so much he is coming back next month to learn more. Why don’t you join him, there are another 3 addition spaces, the perfect opportunity for you to maximise your learning this summer and find out about a range of topics.

At this bee convention there was lots of debate, knowledge sharing and the main focus was on Bee Managementa complete run down of the basics, the correct use of a smoker, and our worldly environment that many of us fail to appreciate most of the time.

You may watch videos on You Tube, but the only real way to learn is by doing, so get stuck in and try something new in July and join me and a few other new beekeepers, have some fun and learn loads……

It's fair to say that my teaching style is unique, very enthusiastic, and show man like, but I do have a circus of bee’s, so why not come along and meet my wonderful placid bee’s and have a go for yourself…

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