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Strange things are akin in Leicester

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Today was a day for making observations. This is early in the season, but sadly something is not right, and if people have not woken up to the fact that things are not right, then ‘Wakey, Wakey. I don’t like to politicise anything, but adverse seasonal adjustments have taken place, I don’t like the notion of climate change, seasons really have adjusted across the whole planet, there is no doubt about it. A new colony of bees needs to forage. They need to fly around fields, gardens seeking flowers and gathering nectar, pollen and propolis, and bring it back to the hive. A healthy colony will go out to find nectar. So, the observation is this- if only 3 out of 10 bee’s are returning with pollen, what is going on?

Clearly from an observational

perspective they are not collecting enough pollen. So, should a beekeeper move a hive, or should people be growing more crops?

Don’t under estimate the bee. They are more intelligent than most of the people I meet, and have been around a lot longer than use humans! WITHOUT them we would not have any food.

So, the lockdown is easing, but the traffic has increased, the skys are still blue, where are the flowers and crops that the bee’s need in our city? Perhaps Leicester has expanded too much, and we do not have enough green space, have too many hedges been cut down, too many block paved driveways been laid? Only fifty years ago there would have been more gardens both front and back, and less low maintenance slabbing.

So, what are you doing about it? What can you do? Are you changing your behaviour in a positive way, as so not to fall to the wrath of your children? Our future lies with them, we are reliant on them to pay the taxes in the future and to look after most of us as we get older. I am sorry but as Pete Postlethwaite stated in the film Age of Stupid

– Google it and watch it if you dare; ‘People are Stupid’ or to words of that effect.

It begs the question, are we more lazier than before? We expect everything to be convenient, simple, easy and instant. Personally I think a more laid back response to life is required, and the best place to start would be in your garden. Are you not growing more flowers, fruit and veg to help the environment and your self to the natural goodness that is possible?

Its theraputic.

Let my bee’s come and visit you. They won’t harm you, they are wonderful.

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1 Comment

Diane Wright
Diane Wright
Jun 06, 2020

Yes, bees are wonderful and very unlikely to sting - if they do it causes their own demise not yours. I have been sowing wild flower seeds which is something you'd think isn't necessary but nature really needs a hand these days to counter the destructive use of our limited land. Even if you only have a tiny garden there is space for flowers, even if you have a paved yard try tubs or hanging baskets.

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